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07/11/01 CERT Advisory CA-2001-30 Multiple Vulnerabilities in lpd
CERT Advisory <>
13/11/01 CERT Advisory CA-2001-31 Buffer Overflow in CDE Subprocess Control Service
CERT Advisory <>
22/11/01 CERT Advisory CA-2001-32 Buffer Overflow in HP-UX Line Printer Daemon
CERT Advisory <>
30/11/01 CERT Advisory CA-2001-33 Multiple Vulnerabilities in WU-FTPD
CERT Advisory <>
13/12/01 CERT Advisory CA-2001-34 Buffer Overflow in System V Derived Login
CERT Advisory <>
14/12/01 CERT Advisory CA-2001-35 Recent Activity Against Secure Shell Daemons
CERT Advisory <>
20/12/01 CERT Advisory CA-2001-36 Microsoft Internet Explorer Does Not Respect Content-Disposition and Content-Type MIME Headers
CERT Advisory <>
21/12/01 CERT Advisory CA-2001-37 Buffer Overflow in UPnP Service On Microsoft Windows
CERT Advisory <>

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