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Distributed Cache

The project aims to optimize the utilisation of the satellite links by adopting adaptive caching strategies with periodic prefetching.

Together with NAIST, we have developed a an adaptive cache which perform prefetching with adaptive strategies. By observing the traffic and delay on the satellite link, the cache servers decides whether to prefetch a WWW object. If the satellite link looks congested, periodic prefetching will pause.

The following subprojects are underway:

  1. To be able to achieve high hit rates while conserving the bandwidth, the project has to have a model for the WWW traffic (Panjai)
  2. The AI3 CacheBone project: optimizing the use of the satellite links for caching (Panjai, Apisit and Kriengsak); presented at IWS'99 (paper) (presentation)
  3. Caching of stream data (Apisit)
  4. Caching with push technolgy where the hub cache in NAIST pushes retrieved pages to the rim caches whenever available (Kriengsak)

Virtual University and Distance Education

  1. We have carried out several experiments which do live broadcast of lectures from AIT using AI3. The logs from these exercises are used for various analysis by our students.
  2. Groupware with heterogenous media for distance education is to be experimented by September 1998.
  3. While waiting for the C Band project to commence,  a trial run on providing distance education courses at AIT, Vietnam is to be carried out as of September, 1998.

Effect of Weather Condition on KU-Band

A study of the effect of weather condition on KU-Band transmission has been carried out by simulation models. It is planned that these results will be verified by actual experimentals data collected from all members of AI3.

Internet Telephony

In traditional circuit switched telephony network call are Analog and constantly use 64 Kbps of bandwidth. Internet Telephony is digital in nature where real-time voice communication occurs over a packet network using Internet Protocol. Internet Telephony represents a significant step towards the integration of voice and data in IP Network.

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