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Download and install SSH for Windows

TSSH has been upgraded to 1.5.4 New

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There is no SSH version 2 client freely available for Windows.

The two public domain clients I could locate are SSH version 1, so a compatibility with SSH version 1 is needed on the server.

Robert O'Callahan's version of SSH client

The goods and the bads

Download TTSSH

It comes in 2 files:

Install and configure TTSSH

  1. Uncompress in a temporary directory
  2. Run setup.exe from the temporary directory.
    It will install Tera Term Pro in C:\Program Files\Ttermpro
  3. In C:\Program Files\Ttermpro uncompress the file
  4. Use the Secured client that is located in C:\Program Files\Ttermpro\ttssh.exe

Note: You should not use the default icon created on the Windows desktop, this icon is a shortcut to the NON-secured version of Tera Term Pro. Make sure to use the secured version as mentionned in point 4. above.

Note: TTSSH is written to use a privileged port (under 1024).

If the local network filters out privileged ports (in order to disallow rcommands for example) TTSSH has to be setup to use non-porivileged port (above 1024). This is done adding the following line to C:\autoexec.bat:

Authentification with rhosts will not be enabled anymore.

Cedomir Igaly's version of SSH client

The goods and the bads

Download SSH client

Get the file

Install and configure SSH client

  1. Create a directory to install SSH client
  2. Uncompress in that directory
Note: you have to edit manually the file known.hosts in the installation directory:
  1. From the server you want to connect to, get the file /etc/
    It will look like:
    1024 37 14523456789[...]093357
  2. On the PC, add the followin line to the file known.hosts: 1024 37 14523456789[...]093357
    Note that the syntax of the file has slightly changed. Here is the host you plan to connect to. If you define a fully qualified name in the file known.hosts, you then have to use a fully qualified name to make the connection.
Note: when the option X11 format is selected, the environment variable DISPLAY will be automatically set on the sheel on the remote machine.

As a result, when you are trying to use some programs that check the variable DISPLAY to modify their behaviour (for example emacs) they will hang.

Note: (this may be linked to our local configuration) we are linked to a Novell server where my user name is ON (upper case), so SSH was offering me to connect to the remote machine using that as user name, while the account on Unix machine is on (lower case), I did lost quite some time on this stupid mistake, searching for some tricky protocol error.

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